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Please measure your wrist to ensure a proper fit.
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Amethyst - Helps with grounding, tranquility, and calming.

Red Jasper - Positive mood and increased energy.

Tiger's Eye - Helps focus the mind, mental clarity, analysis, insight and mindfulness.

Lapsi Lazuli - Promotes self-awareness and blocks negativity.

Yellow Calcite - Helps heal sorrow & grief. Lifts moods & brings deep relaxation.

Blue Aventurine - Promotes self-discipline and inner strength.

Green Aventurine - A comforting, all-around healer.


This chain maille is a bright aluminum alloy (#5356), which contains 5% magnesium and makes for a much brighter finish than regular aluminum and doesn't oxidize as fast as regular aluminum.

**Speed of oxidation depends on many factors. Weather, humidity, sweat, etc.

7 Crystal Chakra Pendant

SKU: 872289
    • Black poly/cotton cord with adjustable sliding knot closure
    • 8mm genuine crystal beads
    • Low tarnish, bright  aluminum chain maille links
    • Includes anti-tarnish bag OR anti-tarnish tab (depends on supply)

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