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Care & Maintenance

of your Chakra Jewelry & All Stone/Crystal Pieces

Following the guidelines below will ensure that your piece will last to inspire you for a long time!

  • Never pull/stretch your bracelet over your hand/wrist. Always roll it over your hand onto your wrist.

  • Keep your bracelet in a safe place when not wearing it. It's recommended that it should be placed where you can see it & reflect on the stones when not worn.

  • Do not wear your beads while exercising or during any strenuous activities. Sweat is not good for the stones and your piece may get caught on something and break.

  • Do not wear your piece in water (i.e. shower, pool, ocean, etc) This is especially important if you have a piece with wood. Liquid will shorten the life span of the organic materials.

  • Gem & stone beads are fragile and can be broken if exposed to extreme pressure (dropping, hitting, pounding). Always be aware of your crystals.

  • Clean using only a damp cloth and dry right away. Do not use any chemicals, soaps or astringent.


Simple Ways to Recharge

Your Chakra Stones &

Other Crystals

Every few months it is recommended that your "recharge" your stones. Any of the following suggestions are simple things you can do at home.

  • Rinse your stones using PURE water (rain, river, natural spring, etc). Dry immediately.

  • Place in the light of a full moon or sunlight for 1-2 hours.

  • Smudge with Palo Santo, Nang Champa, Frankincense & Myrrh or Mugwort.

  • Place in a singing bowl and tap/ring several times for the tones & vibrations to charge.

  • Place on a piece of Selenite like the FREE GIFT piece given in your order.

Care & Maintenance for your Chain Maille Piece

Chain maille is strong, but it is not indestructable. Always be aware of your piece and prevent snagging, dropping, or hitting.

  • DO NOT wear your piece in water or submerge for an extended period of time. If it gets wet, wipe dry immediately. Water can increase the oxidation process. Excessive sweat may also increase oxidation.

  • There is a very light coating that helps prevent some tarnish for a certain period of time, but just like any type of metal, tarnishing will occur eventually.

  • Chain maille is light and strong, but it is not idestructable. Always be aware of your piece and prevent snagging, dropping, or hitting.

  • When finished wearing your piece be sure to wipe dry of any moisture, sweat, etc. Store you piece in either the provided anti-tarnish bag OR plastic jewelry bag with anti-tarnish "tab". The anti-tarnish bag OR "tab" help slow the oxidation process.

  • Clean your piece witha jewelry cloth. I suggest the "Cousin" Brand, Cleaning & Polishing Cloth or a similar brand safe for polishing precious metal jewelry.


  • Only use jewelry safe cleaners that you know will be safe for METAL, PRECIOUS METALS & CRYSTALS.


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