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     Hello everyone! My name is Joel, founder, and designer behind New England Knot Company. First of all, thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to look around.

    This all started when I began studying Chakra & Reiki healing. After studying and getting my certificate I began making my own crystal healing bracelets. Then I started making them for a few family & friends. Now here I am wanting to share the benefits of healing crystals with everyone!

    All the pieces you see here on the site are all made by me. All the stones and crystals are hand selected to ensure the best quality goes into each and every piece.

     How do I create my pieces? Every crystal & stone combination has a true purpose. I take the time to research & understand the combination of crystals that you see in each piece. They're not just matched together to look beautiful. They are matched together to serve a purpose for you! The combination of crystals you see are working together as a team to give you their best energies and to help you with all the best intentions for you!

     What makes my pieces different? Every bracelet is made to order. I do not make mass quantities to just have sit around. Nothing is pre-made or a "drop ship" item coming from a 3rd party vendor/retailer. Every piece is handled by me and only me!

Why? Because when I make each piece to order, I put into every piece the energy, the intention of how that piece is going to work for you, the wearer.


Joel Rabina


Certified Natural Healer,

Reiki Master Level,


     Cleansing & charging. Then, before the piece(s) is shipped. I cleanse it using rain water (yes, I collect my own rain water!), smudged using a combination of Palo Santo and other herbs. Finally, it is charged over night sitting on a piece of Selenite. When you receive your piece, it is cleansed of all other energies, and charged ready for you to wear and infuse it with YOUR own intentions & energy.

     I hope you will find a piece that will benefit you in some way! I have made these pieces with different intentions in mind. You will find them named such as, "I Am Strong", "I Am Balanced", etc.

     So please explore and see if you find something that inspires you!

     I also offer a FREE Reiki & Chakra Healing Session (Distance Only). You can view my certification by clicking the button next to my picture above.

     Learn more about Reiki & Chakra Healing here and how Distance Healing works. Find out if this is something I can help you with.


100% Satisfaction & Replacement Guarantee!

If you're not 100% satisfied I will refund your purchase!

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