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Not Luck, Not Magic, Not Worship. Understand the Power of Intention with Stones & Crystals

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I have studied Chakra & Reiki healing and I have been certified as a Master Level Reiki healer. I do not claim in any way that I am the most knowledgeable or any type of expert in the following topics you read. This is my personal journey and refined research on this topic. The intent of the information you read here is only to offer a general nature to help you (the reader/client) in your quest to improve your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. All crystal and energy healing information and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education and do not imply a guarantee of effect or type of medication. Those suffering from an illness should consult with their General Practitioner FIRST.

The quoted (") posts here as well as the sources (links), author's and websites are their own opinions and not solely the opinion of New England Knot Company, the owner, or any of its partners, affiliates, website creator, website host (Wix), or website developer.

Hello everyone! My name is Joel, founder, and designer behind New England Knot Co. (@NEKnotCo on all social media platforms)🤗

First of all, thank you for visiting my website and taking a look at my store and products. For those that have purchased items, a big THANK YOU and I hope you come back again as my product line continues to grow!

As I started this journey of exploring & understanding Chakras, Reiki, crystals & stones, the thoughts of religion never came to mind. Religion never came to mind because I didn't see studying, learning, and especially, using stones/crystals to heal is anything contrary to any religion. But I do believe in the understanding, that our bodies are made up of (and use) "energy". I take the healing properties and energies of the stones/crystals for what they are. Purely metaphysical meanings and their uses in positive energy, intending, and affirming. And with all this comes healing and positive every day living.

My personal answer to crystals and stones being "right or wrong" when speaking of religion, is this: First, I don't think it is "wrong". I believe that all of our bodies have an energy, and there are ways to control and balance this energy inside of us. Stones/crystals also have energy and can conduct energy. Hard to believe? Think about your computer or almost any electrical device, wristwatches, clocks, radios, computers, and cellphones. There's quartz in there! Why do they put quartz in there? Because energy can flow through quartz really well (and other stones/crystals too) So it shouldn't be hard to believe that crystals and stones may help the flow of the energy in our bodies. When it comes to crystal healing we're talking about subtle healing energies that mainstream medical science doesn't recognize.
Now here's the thing with the religious side of stones/crystals. If you take your stone/crystal, give it a physical name, talk to it (pray to it) like it's a god, believing and wishing upon it that it holds miraculous miracles or magic to bestow upon you, then yes... you've gone terribly wrong and definitely using (and thinking of) your stones/crystals in the wrong way! Just understand: the power to heal or change your life is up to you! The stones/crystals are used as tools to help move energy in, out, and through you by means of their own natural metaphysical properties contained inside of them.

Technically, I started NEK, last year (2019), as a hobby, without a name, and not really any interest in starting a business. I was starting to get into macramé and had my materials, such as cording and beads. One day, I simply searched online for ideas of what I can do with my materials. The main subject that popped up was Malas.

Malas? What the heck is a Mala? So I began to research. From there it segued into Buddhism. I thought to myself, "Well Buddhism, it looks like I'm getting into religion now?" To some, yes. But to others, no. It would be too much to get into Buddhism here, so I'll just tell you my take away on the subject. I believe in Buddhism, I know that it's a religion, but I also know that many people take the teachings/quotes as daily guidance or inspiration and that's all. I'm one of those.

What I got out of my research is that ANYONE can follow Buddhism without coining the term "religion". Believe it or not, there are many everyday inspirational quotes that come from Buddhism. You've probably seen or even used one or two at one time or another. So for me, Buddhism is inspiring & daily affirmations that I like to use. I can say the same for many Bible quotes as well.

So, from my research on Buddhism, I arrived at meditation. In Buddhism meditation is a daily practice. Now for me, I tried meditation a long time ago during stressful times in my life, BUT I never could do it. My problem was that I couldn't shut my brain off! I had (and still have in ways) an overactive mind. I could not sit quietly and just let my mind go. I was always thinking about what I need to do next, where I need to go, or what's going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month! I can remember a time when I would go home and still think about work. What's on my desk, what I need to do tomorrow, what's that email, who I need to call, and on, and on. I could not leave work at work. I've always heard that phrase from people. "You need to leave work at work." I just couldn't do it.

So one day my sleep doctor (because I have really bad insomnia and sleep apnea) said to try meditating before bed to possibly help me sleep. (I laughed of course) and told him of my problem meditating. So he suggested "guided meditation", I had no idea what that was. He suggested a YouTube video. Long story short, the "guided meditation" did not work for me. BUT, with the magic of the internet and the multiple suggestions from YouTube I found a meditation video that worked for me! (Pst, here's the 1st video that helped me, If you want to try meditation, try this!) I still listen to that video regularly and I've found even more to listen to. Simply put, I can now meditate! I can now quiet my mind. It still amazes me today. As for my sleep pattern? I went from waking up every night at 3 AM. EVERY NIGHT! No joke! You could set your clock by me. Now, I only wake up in the middle of the night maybe once or twice every couple of weeks.

So from Malas to Buddhism to meditation, it leads me to Chakras. When I started to learn about Chakras I picked up on the idea almost right away. It just made sense. Our bodies have inner energy. This energy can sometimes affect our body and mind physically, and spiritually. If this energy is unbalanced, then we are unbalanced. This will affect each of us in different ways. Everyone's energy (Chakras) is different. Then learning about Chakras brought me to semi-precious stones & crystals. When I started researching this part of Chakras, I turned into a little kid again. I can remember when I was young I loved those geode crystals, all those shiny rocks at the natural history museum. I had a few myself. Ok, I'll admit, there was a part of me where it sometimes came down to, "Ooo shiny!" Ok, ok, I'm still like that sometimes even when I look at my inventory or shop for new stones and crystals.

Skipping over the ins, outs, ups & downs from that point, leads me to where I am today. I truly do feel more balanced in body and mind. I now meditate every day, and that is a huge milestone for me alone. I never thought I'd be one to meditate every day or just meditate at all.

So what can you believe in when it comes to stones & crystals?

Well, that's entirely up to you. For me, I believe in the power of the metaphysical properties behind each stone and crystal, combined with an understanding of positive affirmations and intentions. Let me try an example.

If your intention is to fix your finances, and you get a piece of aventurine to help you, great. Having that aventurine will stimulate your subconscious to take the necessary steps toward fixing your finances. As long as you don’t resist what you feel guided to do. And the aventurine will be there to support your energy. I think it’s a fine idea to find out what the metaphysical property says about certain stones and use that property to set your intention as to how you want to use a crystal or stone. But understand this: The power to heal or change your life is within you!"

Stone/crystal energy isn't a means of forcing nature to do your will. None of this is supernatural in any way. This is all-natural contained in natural elements. Your Chakras and the stones/crystals are a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. Chakras with the healing energy and spirit are, in another way, the practice of moving natural energies to effect needed change. The stones/crystals are used as tools to help move energy in, out, and through you by means of their own natural metaphysical properties contained inside of them.

I can't speak for anyone else in believing affirmations and intentions and how they work or if they work. I count myself quite lucky that I now (not before all this) do believe in positive affirmations, intentions, and positive energy.

I see it like this. I see positive intentions and affirmations like a toaster for example. I may not know ALL the inner workings of the appliance. The wiring, what connects what, why everything inside does what it does. All I know is that I plug it in, turn it on and I get a nice piece of toast. Just like positive intentions and affirmations for Chakras. I "plug it in", my mind and energy with meditation/mindfulness. I "turn it on", my intention or affirmation for what I want. And in the end, I get my "piece of toast", my positive energy and intent is received by my body, mind & spirit as well as sent out into my environment.

I hope all of this made sense because I think I was rambling many times. (Sorry😏)

Again, this was my own journey and my own thoughts that I wanted to share on this subject.

Comments, insights, and all support, you can email me:

Thanks for reading!

Joel Lokahi Jobel Rabina

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